Our Instructors

Letizia Ciolina

  • Specializations: Disabled, Ski, Children
  • Spoking Languages: Italian, English
  • Biography:

    The meaning of my name somewhat reflects the way of being that characterizes me: “Smiling, always Smiling, at the cost of being thought crazy, but never sad: a day without a smile is a day lost!”, I’m Letizia.


    Born surrounded by my wonderful Ligurian Sea, I didn’t hesitate, however, almost from the first years of life to savor that inimitable feeling of freedom and peace of mind that the mountain gives off. A passion and an unconditional love handed down both by family traditions - it was almost like a common ritual to spend weekends with our feet on the snow - but above all cultivated more and more with time and determination.

    At the age of 15 I moved to Tarvisio, in order to be able to combine study and my sport in the most effective way, by attending the “I.Bachmann” ski college. A fantastic life experience, which allowed me to participate in sports competitions, including international ones, and at the same time obtain the scientific high school diploma.


    I was very enthusiastic in approaching the more educational aspect of the sport I love, so much so that I became a ski instructor, following the training course in the Veneto region. My being always ready to listen and give advice, support, to transmit my strong passions, to have an incessant desire to improve myself and always discover something new are what makes me proud every time to put the skis under my feet, to observe my own happiness and dedication transmitted into everyone’s eyes.


    From the blood of my beloved grandfather, I inherited this magical harmony with the various facets that the natural environment offers: I love to walk, run in the mountains; enjoy breathtaking landscapes by taking pictures with my super “Nikon”; I love to represent the landscape in my own way with a sheet of paper and my watercolors in my hands.

    I’m currently continuing my university studies in chemistry, with the aim of continuing in the medical scientific field, in order to be able to apply the acquired knowledge in depth and provide a valid interaction with the sports field.


    Basically, the essential ingredients to always carry with you: a smile, a lot of passion and that touch of candid imagination, which knows how to fascinate children, but equally adults!




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