Our Instructors


Do you know that during a ski lesson the 65 % is not about the ski technique? Be a certificated Ski Master Trainer means to improve your personal skills.
With this certification the Snowdreamers’s Ski Instructors don’t have only all the specialist competences acknowledged by AMSI (the of cial association of Italian instructor) but they are also properly trained for:

  • Neuro linguistic Programming (Master Practitioner)
  • Efficient Communication
  • Leadership

In this way they will be able to offer an excellent lesson also during in that 65% that is not about technique.
The Ski School Snowdreamers is the only Italian ski school with this certification. We love teaching with our training method, surrounded by the amazing UNESCO heritage.

SNOWDREAMERS is composed of a group of highly skilled professionals including managers, ski instructors, guides, educators and many other qualified people, who are at your service from idea to execution of your holiday. Snowdreamers offers quality services of all kinds in the tourism sector. We will take you during the whole week with lunches, dinners, excursions and adventures. Scroll down the list below to customize your holiday.

Snowdreamers is not only quality services but also and especially ski lessons with highly qualified teachers.