Our Instructors

Giulia Baffetti

  • Specializations: MTB Guide, Ski, Children
  • Spoking Languages: Italian, English
  • Biography:

    I’m Giulia from Rome, I started to practice Ski when I was 6 y.o. during the winter weekends, from a simple game I became competitive and a deep passion for this sport raised in me. It taught me to get up from injuries to follow the main goal, to became Ski Instructor, which happened in 2010.

    My propulsion to help others, carried me to graduate as Nurse, working in a sub-intensive unit. I’m sensitive versus other people, giving a concrete help to save life with smile.

    The Ski was always fundamental in my life and was born in me the desire of surprise people with the emotion who made me fall in love with this sport.

    I love to work with children, teaching them the respect for nature and for the rest of the group, improving the technique with fun. This to convey them the healthy value of relying on their resources without leave the others in difficulty.

    I like work with adults helping them to find the safety on ski by working for goals. I learned from my experience that with this sport people can have fun like children.

    At this point there is only one thing to do, take the equipment and be ready to be surprised from emotions, adrenaline and the Dolomites panorama!




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